Word of Truth
II Timothy 2:15 

Word of Truth Ministries

                II Timothy 2:15-16  

I spent 41 years of my life roaming aimlessly. I Lived my life the way I wanted to. With no concern for others or myself. It led too me losing everything. Strung out on drugs and alcohol and ending up in the streets homeless. I had given up on the world and myself. By the Mercy of God... I was given a second chance in Life. My story, is no different than many others. That have tried living life their own way. Only to end up failing as I did. But, some did not make it. They succeeded in taking their own Life. Everyday I live, I ask, the Lord thy God to lead me to those souls before, they get to that point. Before, they give up on Life and Themselves... We Pray, the Holy Spirit of God to lead us in the right direction. So, we may be a Light in this time of Darkness we live in. We pray, the Lord thy God sends us those souls. So, that we may lead them toward the Light and away from the darkness they walk in. We pray, for this in our Lord Jesus Christ Name... Amen


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